Viewers Corner News research findings have shown that some countries in Africa are still practising their old system of giving their under-aged female children out for marriage, this is very wrong. Recently some countries in Africa were said to be exchanging lives stocks as a means of paying bride price for the would be wife, this method is wrong and degrading to womanhood. The world is now in a new era entirely, therefore this system should be abolished. Women have been known to be great leaders if given the opportunity to acquire education and practise their skills but giving them out for marriage at such a young age will kill their dreams of becoming what they would be in life. Therefore, Viewers Corner News is appealing to those countries that are still in this system of early marriage to stop and send their female children to school. Both female and male children should have equal opportunity to education and become successful. Again, if you do not educate your female children and you give them out for marriage at that young age, is most likely that the children they are going to have may not have the opportunity of going to school too. What this means is that poverty will never leave the family but if you educate both the female and the male children, they are most likely to raise decent educated children because since the parents are educated, they would also want their children to be educated too. If this is done, poverty will definitely be eradicated. Therefore, Viewers Corner News is appealing to all the countries that are still practising this early marriage to please have a rethink and send their female children to school, and don’t forget that in some countries around the world, women are presidents so your own female child can also be a president or occupy a real management position in any company or government agency but only if proper education is given to her. Once again, Viewers Corner News is pleading that we send our female and male children to school, you never can tell how beautiful they would turn out to be in the near future after their education.
Source: Viewers Corner News.

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